Integrity Pipeline


Project Services and Capabilities

Integrity Pipeline Services, LLC. will provide the following services related to construction, maintenance and operations of our customers’ oil, gas and water facilities.

Pipeline Maintenance and Repairs

  • Pipeline-forced relocation projects.
  • Casing removals.
  • Casing extensions.
  • Valve replacements.
  • Right-of-way clearing and mowing.
  • Station lot mowing.
  • Recoating of pipe and risers.
  • Painting.
  • Fence installations.
  • Pier replacements.

Compressor Stations

  • Installation of compressor units.
  • Installation of dehy units.
  • Installation of filters and separators.
  • Complete gas filtration.

Cathodic Protection

  • Installation of test stations.
  • Repairing of casing shorts.
  • Installation of casing filters.
  • Installation of anodes.
  • Installation of groundbeds and rectifiers.

Production Systems

  • Installation of gas-fired separators.
  • Installation of tank batteries.
  • Installation of dike systems.


Pipeline Construction

  • New Pipeline Construction – both steel and plastic and well as composite pipes such as PolyFlow, Fiberspar and FlexSteel.
  • Take-up of abandoned pipelines / facilities.
  • Pipeline replacements (Lift and Lay).
  • Installation of well lines.
  • Installation of gathering and lateral pipelines.
  • HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling).
  • Conventional Drilling.
  • Vertical Well Drilling (Through Sister Company, Jackson & Sons Drilling).
  • Installation of new valve settings / valve replacements.

Integrity Management

  • Launcher and Receiver installations.
  • Verification digs (Determine potential anomalies in and on the pipeline).
  • Pipeline testing.
  • Weld over sleeves.