Integrity Pipeline


A Commitment to Safety

The objective of Integrity Pipeline Services’ safety program is to provide a safe and efficient working environment that eliminates personal injury and minimizes damage to property and equipment. We require our employees to be 30-hour OSHA trained, and safety trained and tested on 43 other gas pipeline-specific topics as part of our safety management program. This ensures that we have educated and trained employees in the field that can identify safety issues and apply their safety knowledge. We conduct daily safety meetings prior to performing our day’s work for each project. Supervisors also receive instruction on record-keeping requirements in accordance with OSHA and other recognized standards.


Staff and Certification

High-quality work is the product of high-quality people. Employees with transmission pipeline experience are vital and required for the success of our organization. All employees have the appropriate certifications, and are Operator-Qualified for the specific owner requirements. We are proud of their accomplishments and pleased to have them as part of our team.